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The service of hit counters and stats provided by miarroba.com provides you the most efficient, fast and complete service on the Internet ;-)

Do you want to know how many people visit your web page? Do you want your visitors to see the number of visits to your web? Do you want to know anything else about your visitors? Where are they from? Which is the most visited day of the week? What browsers and operating systems do they use? If so, you need the miarroba.com service of hit counters and stats. Our service is totally FREE!..

Hit counter features

Almost 200 different digits, color customization and border size, digit number, etc.

Complete stats of visits, including visits per day, week, month, year, day of the week, hour, unique visits and page views.

Stats of all the browsers and operating systems most used by your visitors.

Stats of all resolutions and no. of color bits most used by your visitors.

List of the last 50 visitors with their IP, country of origin, ISP, etc.

List of the most visited pages to learn the most successful pages and those that people visit.

List of referers and search engines. You will know which pages are linking you and who is generating web traffic towards your website.

Stats of search engines used to reach your page, monitoring the most visited search engines and distinguishing among the Google local versions, as well as a list of the keywords most used in those search engines.

There is no counter limit. You may create all the hit counters you want with the same user account and FREE.

The time zone of the web page may be chosen so that customized stats may be generated per country.

Possibility to protect the stats with a password and create private stats.

Stats and hit counter in the same tool and with the same HTML code.

Several ways to display the counters: graphic digits, text mode, button and invisible.